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In the example shown cell G6 contains this formula.

Excel formula if it contains. Check if cell contains number Sometimes you may want to check if a cell contains numeric characters. Return value in another cell if a cell contains certain text IF ISNUMBER SEARCH YesD5ApproveNo qualify. The following formula returns yes in column B if a corresponding cell in column A contains any number.

In this example column D records the date a task was completed. You can also use IF and COUNTIF in Excel to check if a cell contains specific text. In the example shown the formula in C5 is.

Summary To check to see if a cell contains more than one substring you can use a formula based on the COUNTIF function. The formula below case-insensitive returns Found if a cell contains specific text and Not Found if not. Excel formula for this Criteria is.

The VLOOKUP function in Excel performs a case-insensitive lookup. Note that SUMIF is not case-sensitive. This example used IF and COUNTIF functions to check for a value in a Cell and return required value.

If cell contains If you want to do something when a cell contains specific text you can wrap the formula in an IF statement like this. The formulas used in the example all follow the same pattern. Here is the formula to return True.

To sum if cells contain specific text you can use the SUMIF function with a wildcard. You can use the Excel If function and Find function to return TRUE if Cell A1 Contains Text. Here is the Excel formula if cell contains text then return value in another cell.

IF COUNTIF A1Specific TextYesNo. COUNTIFrangea The asterisk in a formula means match any number of characters including zero so this pattern will count any cell that contains a in any position with or without other characters to the left or right. It seems like including wildcard text in the logical test would be an easy solution.

In the Find what box enter the textor numbersthat you need to find. IFISNUMBERSEARCHabc B5 B5 To test only for if cell equals you. However the COUNTIF function is always case-insensitive.

For example take a look at the VLOOKUP function below. Check if cell contains one of things Supposing in Excel there is a list of values in column E you want to check if the cells in column B contain all of the values in column E and return TRUE or FALSE. IF AND wildcard formula.

IFISNUMBERSEARCHsubstring text Yes No Instead of returning TRUE or FALSE the formula above will return Yes if substring is found and No if not. Following is the Excel formula to find If Cell Contains Specific Text Then Return Value. If the leftmost column of the table contains duplicates the VLOOKUP function matches the first instance.

The VLOOKUP function returns the salary of Mia Clark not Mia Reed. Find cells that contain text. Select the range of cells that you want to search.

The formula returns No for all the cells even those that contain. Is not blank we can assume the task is complete. On the Home tab in the Editing group click Find Select and then click Find.

If found – display Yes in column B if not – display No. This tutorial will provide a formula to quickly handle the task that check if a cell contains one of things but excluding other values in Excel and explain the arguments of the formula. SUMIF C5C11t-shirt D5D11 This formula sums the amounts in column D when a value in column C contains t-shirt.

IF A1My Text To Check My Text To Return NOT My Text. To search the entire worksheet click any cell. The formula in cell E5 uses the IF function to check if D5 is not empty.

IFA2aYes No But regrettably it does not work. In the sample table below supposing you want to check whether the IDs in the first column contain the letter A. Follow these steps to locate cells containing specific text.

Why Excel IF function with wildcard not working. In the example shown the formula in C5 is. Let us say we have input data in Cell A1 and We want to Return Value in Another Cell B1.

To test for cells that contain certain text you can use a formula that uses the IF function together with the SEARCH and ISNUMBER functions. Therefore if the column contains a date ie. IF ISNUMBER A2 Yes If cell contains specific text Finding cells containing certain text or numbers or dates is easy.

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